Legal Requirements for Destination Weddings by Country

legal requirements

Making sure you paper work is in order is a very important part of the process when planning a Destination Wedding. 

Many couples select which country that they want their wedding at based on the legalities involved.  

On this page you will find links to the top four countries that couples pick for a Destination Wedding.  Please remember that there are many, many more countries to choose from so please contact us to ask about a country other than the ones listed here.  

Our first recommendation is to start the process for getting your passport and make sure that you have your birth certificates.  If you are getting married for a second time you will need your divorce papers and in the case of being a widow you will need the death certificate.  We can't stress enough that you need to have your paperwork in order and we do help our clients with this in conjunction with the resort wedding coordinator to ensure that the necessary documents are completed..  

Click on the Country Name to see the legalities page for that country.

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Please contact us to discuss your legal requirements questions.