Legal Requirements for Destination Weddings in the Dominican Republic

legal requirements dominican republic

Getting married in one of the most popular countries such as the Dominican Republic is actually rather simple.  We always work along side the wedding coordinator at your chosen property to ensure that we are following the procedures that both the hotel and country require. 

As you will see below having a Destination Wedding does require some very important steps.  We are here to guide you in the right direction and help you with all of the steps from beginning to end beyond  booking your group.

To ensure a smooth wedding we ask that couples get their paperwork to the resort 3 months prior to the ceremony so that they can be reviewed and in the event that anything else is required we have time to get it done. 

Please remember that requirements can and may change so we do verify the requirements each and every time a couple books their Destination Wedding.


Couples that wish to get married in the Dominican Republic will need to present the following documents in person or by mail to the Dominican Consulate or Dominican Republic Services (a company in Toronto which assists with the paperwork and legalities for getting married in the D.R.):

-Valid passport (if sending by mail, send a photocopy of the page with the picture in it)

-Original birth certificate that includes the names of the parents. (translated in Spanish)*

-Single Status Affidavit (translated in Spanish) (One per person).*

-Divorce Act (if married before) (translated in Spanish).*

*This document must be translated to Spanish and legalized by the consular section of the Embassy.

The two Single Status Affidavit and the Divorce Act, have to be legalized by the Legalisation Section of the Dominican Consulate. Cost of legalization and translations can be verified on the website links listed below. Please note that all documents except the valid passport, must be sent in original. No faxed copies or photocopies will be accepted. Please include a prepaid return envelope.

Waiting Period: There is no waiting period or minimum stay. (This is often a requirement of the resort so that they have the time to prepare for your wedding)

Witnesses: You will need two witnesses. If you provide witnesses, they will each need to bring their passport. Hotels can also provide witnesses.

Blood Test: No blood test is required.

Simply contact us and we will help guide you in the right direction with the legal requirements process for planning your Destination Wedding in the Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic Services - Toronto

(They assist with paper-work and legalities for getting married in D.R.)
2727 Steeles Ave. W., Ste. 301
Toronto, Ontario M3J 3G9
Phone: (416) 739-1237 Fax: (416) 663-1973

Dominican Republic General Consulate - Montreal
1470 Peel St. Suite 263
Montreal, P.Q. H3A 1T1
Phone: (514) 284 - 5455/6600 Fax: (514) 284 - 5511

Dominican Republic General Consulate - Toronto
347 Bay St. Suite 904
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2R7
Phone: (416) 369 - 0403/1602 Fax: (416) 369 - 1685

Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Canada
130 Albert Street, Suite 418
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G4
Phone: 613-569-9893
Fax:: 613-569-8673 E-mail:

Dominican Republic Tourist Board

2080 Crescent St.
Montreal PQ H3G 2B8
Tel: 514-499-1918 Toll Free: 1-800-563-1611 Fax: 514-499-1393    E-mail:

35 Church St. Unit 53.
Toronto, ON M5E 1T3
Tel: 416-361-2126/27  Toll Free: 1-888-494-5050 Fax: 416-361-2130   E-mail:


Please ask me for the templates for your perusal for the Single Status Affidavit.  Prices above for translation and legalization are subject to change and we will contact the appropriate office to confirm these prices for your paperwork.