Why a Destination Wedding?

If you are on this website you must be considering a Destination Wedding. If you are on this page you may be in the decision making process to decide if you should have your wedding away or if you should have an at home traditional celebration.

There are so many reasons why couples choose to have their wedding away from their home. In the end our best recommendation is to do what is right for you!

Please feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to help you through the decision making process. Let me begin by telling you that couples that have experienced both types of weddings tell us the following.

To sum it up quickly this is our short list of reasons that we preferred our Destination Wedding over our traditional at home ceremony!

*We spent more quality time together as a couple enjoying the entire experience. Our at home celebration involved very little time with one another as we were both off visiting everyone else.

*It was very relaxing and our celebration lasted an entire week!

*We enjoyed other activities with our guests that made the week have extra memories! Swimming with the dolphins is something that we will never forget!

*It was alot less expensive!

*It suited our personalites more!

*It best described us as a couple!

Reasons Why Couples Choose a Wedding "Away"

1. Cost Savings!

Lets face it events are costing more and more each year. Average costs for a traditional wedding at home come in at an astounding $25,000.

Remember that is just an average and of course location has a direct impact on that figure. When planning a Destination Wedding your costs generally fall quite a bit lower.

Resorts offer many wedding packages that range from a complimentary wedding to preset wedding packages at a cost with many extra options to select from. Price of these packages also vary depending on the country that the couple selects.

Mexican Sunset

2. It suits the couples style!

If you are a couple that has a laid back approach to life and a fussy event doesn't suit you then a Destination Wedding is perfect.

Lets not forget the romantic factor. There is something incredibly romantic about getting married with your feet in the sand with turquoise water in the background.

3. You have family coming in from many locations

If you have family and friends coming in from afar, they may be spending the same to go to another country. This really has no impact on those guests and it saves the couple alot of money.

Beach at Tulum 4. You have been thinking of eloping

Instead of going to city hall and then off to a honeymoon, why not blend the two and have a Destination Wedding. This is very attractive option for many couples and they are getting something different from the typical elopment.

5. It is a second marriage!

Many couples that are getting married for a second time feel that a Destination Wedding is perfect. It gives everyone an opportunity to get together when blending families. As well these couple know why they want this type of wedding as they have already experienced the traditional type of wedding in the past. 6. Couples want their special day to last longer than one day!

When planning a wedding and you look at the time, preparation, and money involved. For alot less money you will quickly realize that the celebration will go beyond the one day.

As well, you are generally in the country for a few days before the ceremony and you will be more relaxed on your special day. Guests will remember a wedding but they will talk about your Destination Wedding for many many years! 7. Spending time with the people you want to!

This is a big one. I know that every couple that celebrates their vows at home will have people at their ceremony that they do not personally know. Who to invite to a wedding is a very stressful thing. Especially when money is involved and weddings are expensive. With a Destination Wedding, you will have the people there that you want.

Unfortunately some people that you do want to come may not be able to make it and that is a reality for all couples. Many couples have a simple at home reception for those that could not make it. This is an opportunity to gather with other close friend and family to celebrate. At home receptions after a Destination Wedding vary from a back yard barbecue all the way to a celebration in a rented hall.

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