Destination Wedding Save the Date's

Your excitement begins, planning your Destination Wedding "Save the Date"!

You have decided on your country and property, I don't know about you but I love focusing on details of preparing such events to be so fun.

It is very important to give your guests enough time to be able to plan and prepare to attend your wedding away from home.

Why you might ask?

Most couples/families plan an annual vacation, by providing them with the time to consider this trip as their annual vacation you will find that more people will attend which means more fun!

Budget, with more time and notice your guests will be able to budget their finances to accommodate attending the event. When you break the total down monthly your guests will see that it is very do-able.

Enjoy the beginning of the fine details for your special day! Make the most of your creative side as your potential guests will feel the personality of the Bride and Groom!

If you are more formal couple than make it more formal with a accent of the destination that you will be attending.

If you are a fun and carefree couple then take that into consideration when developing your style for you’re save the date.

For example: I have personally received a Save the Date for a Destination Wedding that was a "Message in a Bottle" a lovely, fun message rolled up and put inside a empty "Corona" beer bottle. It definitely caught our attention and it still sticks out in our mind!

Here are some other neat ideas to consider!

* Cookies in the shape of something tropical with your Info done on the cookie.

* Personalized magnets.

* Customized snow globes with your pictures inside. These are available at your local craft store. I even found these at the grocery store this Christmas for a very good price.

* Customized Post Cards.

* Tropical Fans that have the information on them when they are unfolded.

* Passport booklets with the info/pictures inside.

* Video Message, make a video with details on the resort! This can be done via a CD or a link via email to You Tube!

* Personalized Pens with the details on the pen.

* Pretend Airline Tickets with the details outlined.

* Something symbolic from the region for the Destination Wedding, for example a Small Sombrero with the information attached if the wedding were to be in Mexico.

* Photo Booth Strip with the couple holding pictures and a map of the destination.

*Personalized Notepads that have your picture and details at the top.

*Personalized T-shirts, have fun and let your imagination go to decorate the shirt!

Take your time and play around with a few ideas and then decide. Remember by taking your time you will be more satisfied with the end result.

I have personally used Vistaprint for making personalized magnets, pens, notepads, t-shirts, mousepads, and the list goes on!

If you are not at this stage yet and still trying to figure out where to have your special day simply complete the location planner to get great ideas!

Any questions or ideas for Destination Wedding Save the Dates, contact us and we will review your ideas to be added to our site!

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