Destination Wedding Dresses 101!

Destination Wedding Dresses will be one of the most important decisions that you will make if not the most important decision outside of the selection of your resort and country.  My first recommendation is simple, try on many dresses and don't make this decision too quickly.  I have seen many brides jump too quickly and end up with not one but two Destination Wedding Dresses.

Lets face it I truly believe that most girls dream about their wedding dress from the time that they were little girls!  I did!   Many ladies believe that there are restrictions and limits to selecting Destination Wedding Dresses.  
This is such an exciting part of the Destination wedding planning process.

Guess what ladies ......."there are NO rules" it is your day and you should do what is best for you!  With that in mind there are things that we recommend that you keep in mind when selecting your gown.  Destination Wedding Gowns can range from a very casual sarong to a full length tradition wedding dress.  We have seen that many Destination Wedding brides choose an informal type gown as they want a relaxed informal theme to their ceremony.  Others have a very traditional gown and their guests too wear formal attire.

Many of the major wedding dress designers now have an entire selection of Destination Wedding Gowns in their lineup.  Brides may preview them on line and find local retailers that carry the dress that they have in mind.  My personal Destination Wedding took place at a Sandals location and they are known for their Destination Weddings.  Now along with the Preston Bailey Packages that couples can choose, Sandals now has an entire selection of Destination Wedding Dresses.  Take a peak at this link and you will see some very incredible dress styles.

If it is a traditional gown that you are looking for "go for it!"  Pick the dress style that you want as you never want to regret the dress that you wore on your wedding day!  There are many things to consider when selecting  Destination Wedding Dresses and you should keep a few things in mind!

Things to consider when selecting 
Destination Wedding Dresses

  1. Keep in mind that you will be wearing your dress in very high temperatures.
2.  Light layers will breath better and keep you cooler.

3.  Sleeveless is very popular as it will be cooler and show off your tan!

4.  If you do select a strapless dress, buy yourself a strapless bathing suit to avoid tan lines.

5.  If you want to do a "trash the dress" photo shoot pick a dress that is light and flowy.

6.  If you have a veil in mind make sure that you remember that it can be windy.  Select a headpiece that looks nice without the veil.

7.  The longer the train the more difficult it will be for transporting the dress.

8.  Depending on the airline you may have to check in your dress (this is something that depends on the airline) and you will want to make sure that any touch ups will be simple for you.  Your on site wedding coordinator will be able to help you with this.

9.  You want to keep within your weight restrictions for the airline to avoid really high excess weight charges.

10.  Comfort, remember you want to be comfortable as you are wearing the gown for several hours.

Remember to Contact Us to discuss Destination Wedding Dresses or  for any other questions that you may have as we will be able to guide you in the direction that is needed.  We will try our very best to answer any questions that you may have about your Destination Wedding.  Check out all of our pages on this website it will help you through your planning stages.  Don't forget that we can take care of all of your needs for you and your group. operates with our Host Agency

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