Destination Wedding Dreams!

It is very exciting to be creating a blog about something that you are passionate about. Destination Weddings are amazing and special. Creating a one stop location for anyone planning a Destination Wedding is a dream come true.

Mar 02, 2014

Holguin Hotels

Holguin Hotel Comparisons

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Mar 02, 2014


Holguin a spectacular location for the backdrop to any Destination Wedding

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Mar 02, 2014

Travel to Cuba

If you are planning a Destination Wedding or a vacation you may want to travel to Cuba! A must to consider!

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Mar 02, 2014

Destination Weddings Orquidea Del Sur

Destination Wedding Survivor Style! Orquidea Del Sur

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Mar 02, 2014

Holguin Excursions

Explore the beauty of Holguin by enjoying many different excursions.

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Sep 22, 2011

Family Reunion Vacations

Family Reunion Vacations are on the rise and our team of Family Travel Specialists will be there to make it happen!

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Apr 05, 2011

Paradisus Rio de Oro "A 5 Star Option"

Paradisus Rio de Oro is the perfect backdrop for a Destination Wedding! This property can be reached from most major gateways in Canada!

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Feb 22, 2011

I am engaged now what?

Before I start, let me congratulate you! This is an exciting time, getting engaged is something that many dream about since they were a child.

Ring is on the finger, family is super excited and you can't sleep as you have a whirlwind of thoughts traveling through your mind.

Everyone around you is making suggestions about what you should do!

STOP right there!!!

First thing, take a breath!

Second thing, step back and relax and enjoy your engagement!

Third, thank everyone for their lovely ideas and simply say..."I appreciate your ideas but right now we are enjoying the fact that we are engaged."


Now the dust is settling, and both of you are thinking about, where, when, how much is this going to cost, cake, dress, and the list keeps going.

If you have always dreamed about having a Destination Wedding then you can start preparing. Make sure you keep in touch with our website as it is going to be changing rapidly with loads of information. You will find everything from "Save the Date" information to how to plan a "At Home Reception". Again check back often as this website is in full construction mode.

If you are not sure if you want an at home wedding or a Destination Wedding, here is what we recommend you do first.

Open a bottle of wine, pour two glasses and get a piece of paper.

Write down what you both want your wedding to be like. Look at your entire situation, NOT what everyone else wants... JUST WHAT YOU BOTH WANT!!

Be realistic. If you see the wedding at home having the potential of getting out of control, then consider a Destination Wedding.

Write down a list of positives and negatives for both scenarios and then put the list away for a couple of days and then pull it back out. I can't stress it enough, your wedding has to be about you and your fiance!

That is it for today, stay tuned as my next entry will be about what to do next!

Feb 17, 2011

A Little Piece of Heaven!

I am always looking for something different, something special. Many people look for a quiet secluded place pace without the fast pace of many resorts.

Melia resorts recently opened an incredible property that fits perfectly for anyone looking for a tranquil spot for their Destination Wedding or Honeymoon.

Melia Buenavista is located in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba it is an adults only property for anyone over 18 years of age. Located in the Western section of Cayo Santa Maria, "Punta Madruguilla" a simple two kilometers from her sister properties Melia Cayo Santa Maria and Melia Las Dunas.

Only 105 Suites make this property a perfect size, you will find no buffet restaurants only 3 a la carte's. Your palate will be tempted with high quality food, you will not be disappointed.

Something interesting about the suites at this property, they have outside showers! How awesome to enjoy your shower under the tropical sky.

You will find the pace to be slow and rejuvenating, there will be no loud games but you will find the tranquility of Yoga and other quiet activities. Let's not forget that you can relax in the wonderful spa.

If you are looking for a a lively environment to experience during your vacation then you can hop on the complimentary shuttle as you will have full access to the sister properties. You can enjoy both the Melia Las Dunas or Melia Cayo Santa Maria.

Melia Buenavista is the perfect resort for the following situations.

*eloping*small groups*second marriages*honeymooners

Finally lets talk about the beach. Down the road at the Melia Las Dunas for example the beach is a very long stretch that you can walk on for miles. At this property the beach is much smaller but it does not disappoint. You get the best of both worlds staying here!

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